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Child care is not just women's work, it is community work. 

Together, we can build wealth and community.

About Us

We are a hybrid, multi-stakeholder cooperative that was formed in order to bring about a community-based solution to the dire need for an answer to the child and elder care conundrum within the United States.

Our Mission is to provide wealth-building tools and opportunities to providers of child and elder care and the families they provide care for.


Nanny Share

Nannies can be shared between families giving them the chance to pay a provider well while saving on the cost of care.

Nanny share can accommodate 2-3 kids depending on the provider's preference.

New babies are challenging. The anxieties of going back to work with a new infant at home can be eased by hiring a professional to come into your home and provide you with the care your baby needs.

Event Care

Having an event and want to give attendees the chance to enjoy it while their children are entertained?

Hire our qualified providers for your event childcare.

1 on 1 Infant Care

In-Home Family Care

Hire one of our qualified providers to take care of your family. Live out providers negotiate the terms of their contracts to give individual care to the needs of your family.

Play Groups

Playgroups consisting of 4-8 kids allow an even lower cost to families and can be hosted by: 


Families who want to bank time to be traded for other services within the pool of talent in cooperative or to earn extra income for your family. 


Families interested in hosting a playgroup in their homes should be willing to pass a background check, inspections by the state, and licensing. 


Providers hosting playgroups will take groups of 4-8 kids to local libraries, parks, and events. Permission slips required. 

Our Values

Community first

We are a community of equals and should always interact with each other as such with integrity.

Self responsibility

We take responsibility for and answer to our actions.


Through democratic ownership we give each other a say in the way we shape our business.


We are working together to help people help themselves.


Timebanking provides you with the currency of your earned community service and allows you to trade that currency within our pool of talent.


Providers of care are required to accept a minimum of time banked hours towards the care of children or elders depending on full or part time status. 


Members in the community can trade their service hours for discount codes for care, and  other services offered by the talent pool.

What Sets Us Apart?

Choose the Best Fit for You

Art Class


Paying a high-quality caregiver thoroughly vetted by It Takes a City

Moms and Babies

Time banking

Providing child care for other families in exchange for those families providing child care for my family

Our Administrative Members


Naomi Alexis

Founding Member

 The idea for this cooperative was the result of traversing the childcare market as a parent needing a reasonable solution. 


Rosilyn Sanders


(ABD) Doctorate in Organizational Leadership Psychology; minor Consultation- William James College, Newton, Massachusetts 

Master of Arts in Counseling; minor Rehabilitation Counseling - University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Little Rock, Arkansas 

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology- Philander Smith College, Little Rock, Arkansas

Membership Tiers

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